You won’t BELIEVE what I found behind this client’s closet door!!!

What's behind this door? Unbelievable...I probably shouldn’t be sharing this with you … but I will!

When I opened the door it was a disaster! There was stuff everywhere. (Maybe not the worst I’ve ever seen -that’s usually the first thing my clients say … This must be the biggest mess you’ve had to tackle!!!)

But I have to admit, I was pretty embarrassed for this particular client. Not because of the magnitude of the mess, but because of WHO IT WAS!!!

Ready for a confession? That was my door and the mess behind it – all mine. Can’t blame it on my kids or my dog.

Even though I’m an organizer by profession and write a blog about clearing the clutter, I too have my own organizing mishaps. The obstacles I wrote about in my post last week, Good Intentions Gone Bad: 4 things sabotaging your organizing efforts, well I know that stuff because I’ve experienced it.

But I’m also fascinated with figuring out how to make a mess better, whether it’s a my closet or my life. Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved movies like Grease, Legally Blonde...those awesome transformations!  AND why I’m passionate about helping my clients get rid of their own clutter to improve their surroundings, work + life style, etc.

BTW, I refer to myself as a client because I literally will hire myself when needed. We ALL require organizing overhauls from time to time, whether due to a big life change or hectic schedule.

And if YOU are in need of an organizing overhaul with your closet, calendar, life … I’ll be introducing something next week that I’m SOOOOOO excited about. At this time, it’s only going to be offered to my readers/friends so make sure you’re in my address book – just subscribe at bottom of this post or on my website.

Not only will reveal what’s helped me go from completely overwhelmed to (on most days) on top of it all… I’ll show you what’s behind that door.  And what I did about it.

So, if the thought of…

  • BACK TO SCHOOL craziness starts in 1 MONTH!, or
  • The slow pace of summer will soon be a memory

makes you tense up, keep an eye out for what I guarantee will bring more calm into your life.  A special note from me – arriving in your inbox next week – will share all of the details!

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  1. Anita Michaels says:

    Looking forward to more great organizing ideas! Awesome site!!

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