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Weekly Food Prep 101: what I learned this weekend

The arrival of spring has me determined to step up my clean eating routine. My goal:  Eat clean 90% of the time. The two biggest challenges I struggle with: Having healthy (and good) snacks and meals ready to go when running out the door in the morning, and Knowing what we’re having that evening before the sun goes down. And if it’s prepped, even better. As […]

How did my cleanse go? The good and the bad…

So… how did my cleanse go?  These emojis sums it up: Overall, it’s been good. What I wanted at the end was to eat really clean 90% of time, coming up with good strategies for getting there and maintaining it. And that’s about where I’m at. The not so great parts: Not drinking nearly enough water […]

My new favorite sandwich – so easy + amazingly good

My friend Leigh made this sandwich for me recently and it became by new favorite!  Here’s how to make it: Ingredients: Good mozzarella Fresh basil Tomato Bread of choice, sliced Olive Oil {I use extra light tasting olive oil when using with heat} Salt {I use sea salt} 1. Slice tomatoes & mozzarella, and chop […]

Pasta Salad: My favorite! (w/ spinach, artichokes & sundried tomatoes)

I LOVE pasta and LOVE salad… and this is my combo of the two. A friend of mine made it for an end-of-the-school-year beach party and it was a hit. It’s not the quickest pasta salad to make but its combination of flavors and its gorgeous-ness {vibrant colors!} make it a favorite go-to for brunches […]

Marinated Cheese Appetizer

One of my favorites! This appetizer came from my friend, Leigh. It’s equally beautiful and delicious, and is great for holidays with the marinade’s vibrant red and greens. It needs to be made ahead of time which works for me… I’m always thankful right before a crowd arrives that I was forced to prepare ahead […]

Party Pizzas: a favorite recipe

Here’s a favorite family recipe that we usually have on Christmas night – along with She-Crab soup. {Both recipes are from my Aunt Trecie: her She-Crab is THE BEST but I better not include that one without her permission!} These little pizzas need to be served right when they leave the oven – but they […]