Quick Fixes I Love

Quickies can be quite exciting … and these quick fixes were just that. What can I say… I get off on an organized environment! Do you crave more order? If so, I’m offering something that may be just the solution you need. But first, check out these quick and easy fixes that I found… or […]

Discover your style: Fabulous (FASHION) find

If you’re like me, you get quite a thrill finding that perfect something to wear. You may also (like me) find searching for that perfect piece can take the thrill right out of it. This Fabulous* (FASHION) Find may be a near perfect solution for those of us wanting the style but just don’t have the time, energy […]

5 Fabulous {organizing on a budget} Finds

I’m all about saving $ when it makes sense to me. {And I also recognize the value of spending more when it makes sense. But that’s a different post.} Today, I’ll share five of my favorite inexpensive “tools”{all under $3 dollars!} you can use to get organized: 1.  Twistie ties: for neatening up out of […]


Five Fabulous Finds! A new type of post where I”ll share 5 things I think are fabulous – and in some way, shape or form can be linked to order! Today, here are Five Fabulous TECHNOLOGY MAKING LIFE BETTER Finds: 1. Ambiance:  An “environmental enhancer” app with tons of different sounds:  from Day at the […]