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Organize a life you love: this simple exercise changed mine


What do I love? What drives me $#@#-ing crazy? Answering these two questions - and even better, USING the answers to make changes - are powerful in designing (organizing) a life you (most of the time!) love. In my last post, I said I'd share some of mine so here are a few: (MY) LOVES: beach time feeling on top of things open windows down time good vibe people helping my clients get organized ... ... and hearing about the impact it's made (Thank you Eric & Hillary for letting me share your email! - check it out at end)   great night's sleep waking up … [read more ]

My ultimate (life) organizing tool

Good Morning Coffee

As I have my last sips of coffee before getting on the road to go back home (Hurricane Matthew evacuee), I’m reflecting on what I find to be my ultimate organizing tool.  This simple yet powerful way of organizing helps you pinpoint the clutter in … [read more ]

How did my cleanse go? The good and the bad…

cleanse 30th day

So... how did my cleanse go?  These emojis sums it up: Overall, it's been good. What I wanted at the end was to eat really clean 90% of time, coming up with good strategies for getting there and maintaining it. And that's about where I'm … [read more ]

Why I stopped blogging + the 1 thing I’m focusing on now


Before sharing why I've been MIA, thought I'd share a few of my favorite ways I've stayed on top of things during this crazy year: Cut a few minutes off your am routine: microwave coffee left over from day before Make errand running smoother … [read more ]

Here’s an intimate look into my day (1 of top 3 questions I get)

There are three things about me that people seem to be very curious about: Being single (again) - in particular, what's it like on the dating scene?? (Yes, I do have some interesting stories!) Doing my cleanse/wellness reboot - pretty amazing … [read more ]

A very sad note …

Made my list + gathered supplies

Yesterday, I began this post. Before I finished writing, it took a sudden, somber turn. I wasn't sure if I should even finish it. Or if I did, if I should include the ending. I decided to include. Do THIS for 1 hour = huge sense of … [read more ]