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My 5 favorite (*EASY*) eco-friendly tips

Battery Tester from Walmart:  $7.39

To honor our lovely Earth on its special day, here are five things you can easily incorporate into your day to day. NOTE: Some may not be considered completely green-friendly but every little thing you can do helps! 1.  Cloth Napkins:  Label the back or inside of napkin rings with each family member's name so napkins can be re-used a couple of times. (Because it stays with original owner!) 2.  Pick-a-Size Paper Towels:  I use microfiber cloths for cleaning, but I just can't go completely paper towel-less. (Will blame on having kids and pets.) Usually I just need the smallest … [read more ]

Here’s an intimate look into my day (1 of top 3 questions I get)

There are three things about me that people seem to be very curious about: Being single (again) - in particular, what's it like on the dating scene?? (Yes, I do have some interesting stories!) Doing my cleanse/wellness reboot - pretty amazing … [read more ]

A very sad note …

Made my list + gathered supplies

Yesterday, I began this post. Before I finished writing, it took a sudden, somber turn. I wasn't sure if I should even finish it. Or if I did, if I should include the ending. I decided to include. Do THIS for 1 hour = huge sense of … [read more ]

Does your home have good vibes? 4 ways to bring them in

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Don't you love those good vibes you feel around certain people? They have that sparkle. A certain je ne sais quoi. It's the same way with homes. I love that amazing feeling you get when you walk in to a good vibe one. Interesting how, just like … [read more ]

Ten ways I pull it all together

Over the last few weeks, I've shared my three Organize Your Life concepts that, if you follow, can: make your SURROUNDINGS more calming, inviting and beautiful, and make YOU happier, more productive and present. Here's a recap: Concept 1: … [read more ]

My 3rd (& favorite!) Organize Your Life Concept

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This ONE thing can be game changing. Life changing. It's the final piece of what's become my Organize Your Life trifecta. To recap: Concept 1:  HOME.  For Everything.  This one covers your surroundings. At home. In your workspace. Even your … [read more ]