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Before & After: my parents’ accessory stuff


Spring breaks may not quite be what they used to be. Nonetheless, there were a few very exciting things that took place this past week during mine. I'll share with you my second favorite SB happening.... PROJECT:  A quick re-org of my parents' stash of serving (etc.) pieces. Mom wanted easy access to the various accessories she's storing in laundry room cabinets. BEFORE PICS:   HERE'S STEP BY STEP WHAT I DID: #1:  Before doing anything, I asked these 3 key questions:   What's your vision? What's working? What's not working? PROJECT VISION: central … [read more ]

5 Fabulous (Organizing Mag) Finds

Source: BH&G Storage, Spring 2014

I should've known from the start I was meant to be a professional organizer. For as long as I can remember, I've gravitated towards organizing books and magazines. And as a kid LOVED doing organizing makeovers... whether or not they were wanted by … [read more ]

I can help you be more beautiful


First I'll share how stress can wreak havoc on your looks. Then, see how I can help you become a more beautiful version of you. You've surely heard how stress is linked to a slew of serious health-related issues - cardiovascular, inflammation, … [read more ]

My favorite organizing TRICK + treat

source: naturally-white facebook page

I'm all about making organizing as easy as possible. And there are times when a quick fix is the perfect solution. Today, I'll share a favorite (super easy) organizing trick - clever clutter coverups! Some aesthetically pleasing ways (my personal … [read more ]

Why today is THE best (organizing) day

Paris Calendar

Today is my favorite (organizing) day, and fortunately for me (and you if you're into) get exactly 12 of these each year. It's the first of each month - a fabulous day I refer to as Blank Slate Day. Why so amazing? While we can't redo / rewind, we … [read more ]

Worst decision I ever made…

Back to School Supplies

Well maybe not ever. I've made bigger ones for sure!  But at the time I was like, "WTHeck was I thinking?!?? It all started mid-summer when we received a flyer from school: My initial reaction:  "Wow, this is great. Instead of having to … [read more ]