Behind the scenes: Here’s a glimpse into my life

With summer halfway over, I'm sure you've seen more than enough summer getaways and soirees in your social feeds. If you're tired of watching the "perfect" lives of celebrities, celebrity wannabes and friends, I have just the thing for you.  Follow me on Instagram for some real-life stuff that goes on behind the scenes in my life. My Instagram Stories:  Nothing too personal (typically!) but I'll share stuff that shows what it's really like behind closed doors: organizing at home + work + life ideas (Are you wasting prime real estate? I was! You'll see how I fixed it in video, … [read more ]

This ONE thing will change the way you travel

Rolling vs. folding. Packing shoes first vs. last. There are tons of tips on packing smart. No matter which you follow, this ONE thing guarantees a smoother trip: I learned the value of this after two back-to-back travels: Trip #1:  LA … [read more ]

This is what I want. What do YOU want?

I have a favor to ask. I'd love to know what your biggest organizing-related struggles are. Your anonymous responses will be invaluable in helping me create posts etc. for the future. Here's the survey link: Survey (THANK YOU!) It's quick and … [read more ]

Get your kids (or yourself!) to do stuff using this simple tool

Earth Friendly + Kid Friendly + $ Friendly + YOU Friendly = mini clipboards I set up for my kids - and my sanity! Need an easy way to get your kids (spouse, partner, self!) to get stuff done? This is what has worked best for me - and today (Happy … [read more ]

Weekly Food Prep 101: what I learned this weekend

The arrival of spring has me determined to step up my clean eating routine. My goal:  Eat clean 90% of the time. The two biggest challenges I struggle with: Having healthy (and good) snacks and meals ready to go when running out the door in … [read more ]

Do cords drive you crazy too? 4 simple solutions to your cord chaos

If cords make you want to take it and strangle something, this is for you.  Here are four ways cords have driven me cord crazy over the years, along with what's helped me tame the cord chaos: Cord Calamity #1:  Which cord goes with … [read more ]

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