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Get your kids (or yourself!) to do stuff using this simple tool

Earth Friendly + Kid Friendly + $ Friendly + YOU Friendly = mini clipboards I set up for my kids - and my sanity! Need an easy way to get your kids (spouse, partner, self!) to get stuff done? This is what has worked best for me - and today (Happy Earth Day!) I've made it a bit more green. I love this simple to-do-list-on-a-clipboard for lots of reasons: Kid Friendly:  My kids are more apt to actually do things that have been written down for them, and the clipboard makes the list easier to carry around. And like us adults, they find it rewarding to check off a task when completed. Best … [read more ]

Weekly Food Prep 101: what I learned this weekend

The arrival of spring has me determined to step up my clean eating routine. My goal:  Eat clean 90% of the time. The two biggest challenges I struggle with: Having healthy (and good) snacks and meals ready to go when running out the door in … [read more ]

Do cords drive you crazy too? 4 simple solutions to your cord chaos

If cords make you want to take it and strangle something, this is for you.  Here are four ways cords have driven me cord crazy over the years, along with what's helped me tame the cord chaos: Cord Calamity #1:  Which cord goes with … [read more ]

Organize your Car Console: 5 easy steps

Recently I was renewing my driver's license and came to a question on the form that made me laugh - and cringe. It went something like: "While driving is there anything that causes emotional distress?" Basically, do you suffer from something that … [read more ]

Organize a life you love: this simple exercise changed mine

What do I love? What drives me $#@#-ing crazy? Answering these two questions - and even better, USING the answers to make changes - are powerful in designing (organizing) a life you (most of the time!) love. In my last post, I said I'd share … [read more ]

My ultimate (life) organizing tool

As I have my last sips of coffee before getting on the road to go back home (Hurricane Matthew evacuee), I’m reflecting on what I find to be my ultimate organizing tool.  This simple yet powerful way of organizing helps you pinpoint the clutter in … [read more ]