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My sister’s style tips/home tour + my FIX results!

Fix arrived

My heart skipped a beat ... The anticipated moment was finally here. My fix had arrived. WHAT WOULD BE IN THIS BOX??? QUICK RECAP: My stylish, big hearted sister kept saying, "You've got to check out Stitch Fix!" (SF = a virtual shopping experience where a personal stylist handpicks items just for you.) Finally, I set up a SF profile (my style preferences, size, etc.) and ordered my first fix. I'll share a few of Emily's style tips + A TOUR OF HER BEAUTIFUL HOME at the end. But first, my Stitch Fix results... RESULTS: Before the reveal, I threatened my kids - … [read more ]

*Special Offer* (time sensitive) & Quick Fixes I Love

carry bag

Quickies can be quite exciting ... and these quick fixes were just that. What can I say... I get off on an organized environment! Do you crave more order? If so, I'm offering something that may be just the solution you need. But first, check out … [read more ]

Best decision you could make: right here

one of my favorite places to chill / regroup / etc in between stuff

Those with school-age kids know that the last week (month) of school can be more crazy than holiday time. This is that week for me - have officially made it half way through! Fortunately I'm enjoying (vs. fretting - see bullets below) a bit of … [read more ]

Discover your style: Fabulous (FASHION) find

stitch fix how it works

If you're like me, you get quite a thrill finding that perfect something to wear. You may also (like me) find searching for that perfect piece can take the thrill right out of it. This Fabulous* (FASHION) Find may be a near perfect solution for … [read more ]

Before & After: my parents’ accessory stuff


Spring breaks may not quite be what they used to be. Nonetheless, there were a few very exciting things that took place this past week during mine. I'll share with you my second favorite SB happening.... PROJECT:  A quick re-org of my parents' … [read more ]

5 Fabulous (Organizing Mag) Finds

Source: BH&G Storage, Spring 2014

I should've known from the start I was meant to be a professional organizer. For as long as I can remember, I've gravitated towards organizing books and magazines. And as a kid LOVED doing organizing makeovers... whether or not they were wanted by … [read more ]