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Watch out for THIS type of (potentially devastating) CLUTTER

source: Sebastien Wiertz

Clutter!  Unorganized! When you see these words, what comes to mind?  A messy room, piles of paper, disheveled closets and drawers? Being organized - or not - applies to physical clutter for sure. Another type of clutter:  the "what's not getting done" clutter. Those actions to take that aren't being taken can create a tremendous amount of mind clutter. And this type can be more stressful than all of that physical clutter combined. Left unchecked, mind clutter can harm your job, credit, relationships, self esteem, health and more. Here are 4 mind clutter culprits + de-clutter … [read more ]

2 things I’m doing now to get Back-to-School ready

outfits together in closet

August 1st may seem like just another day to many, but for those of us with kids (soon to be back) in school, anxiety is starting to build. Here are a couple of things we're doing at our house to make the transition a little easier: Back to … [read more ]

My sister’s style tips/home tour + my FIX results!

Fix arrived

My heart skipped a beat ... The anticipated moment was finally here. My fix had arrived. WHAT WOULD BE IN THIS BOX??? QUICK RECAP: My stylish, big hearted sister kept saying, "You've got to check out Stitch Fix!" (SF = a … [read more ]

*Special Offer* (time sensitive) & Quick Fixes I Love

carry bag

Quickies can be quite exciting ... and these quick fixes were just that. What can I say... I get off on an organized environment! Do you crave more order? If so, I'm offering something that may be just the solution you need. But first, check out … [read more ]

Best decision you could make: right here

one of my favorite places to chill / regroup / etc in between stuff

Those with school-age kids know that the last week (month) of school can be more crazy than holiday time. This is that week for me - have officially made it half way through! Fortunately I'm enjoying (vs. fretting - see bullets below) a bit of … [read more ]

Discover your style: Fabulous (FASHION) find

stitch fix how it works

If you're like me, you get quite a thrill finding that perfect something to wear. You may also (like me) find searching for that perfect piece can take the thrill right out of it. This Fabulous* (FASHION) Find may be a near perfect solution for … [read more ]