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Ten ways I pull it all together

Over the last few weeks, I've shared my three Organize Your Life concepts that, if you follow, can: make your SURROUNDINGS more calming, inviting and beautiful, and make YOU happier, more productive and present. Here's a recap: Concept 1: HOME. For Everything. This one covers your surroundings. At home. In your workspace. Even your virtual. Know exactly where to find (and put away) what. Concept 2: Do WHAT you need to do, WHEN you need to do it. This one is all about work. Getting stuff done. Getting the RIGHT stuff done. Getting the RIGHT stuff done in the SMARTEST … [read more ]

My 3rd (& favorite!) Organize Your Life Concept

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This ONE thing can be game changing. Life changing. It's the final piece of what's become my Organize Your Life trifecta. To recap: Concept 1:  HOME.  For Everything.  This one covers your surroundings. At home. In your workspace. Even your … [read more ]

My 2nd Organizing Principle: This is BIG! Overwhelmed? this WILL help!

While a messy environment can be quite a turnoff, what can literally turn you off  (as in shut you down) is what Organize Your Life principle #2 helps. Before the big reveal, see if you can relate to one of the following: Staying awake at night … [read more ]

This simple + powerful organizing principle: Are you doing it?

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Things can get crazy. Regardless of how "on top" of things you are - little things (an unexpected twist in your schedule) and big things (an unexpected - OR expected - twist in life) can put you into a tailspin. As I shared in my last post, it's … [read more ]

What helped me get through a tough 2014

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New Year’s Day - one of my favorite holidays!  With the exception of a few that came after “too much fun” NYEs, I love waking up to a new year that's ready for whatever I can dream up. And, I must say I like saying goodbye to things I want to put … [read more ]

2 of my favorites: Use NOW for happier holidays!

winter holiday table   source: Apartment Therapy / Pinterest

This chilly weather here in Florida is a thrilling (and at the same time - oh no, here we go!) confirmation that the holidays are almost here! Before the season officially begins, I'm sharing a couple of templates I created (and depend on!!!) for … [read more ]