You don’t have to live feeling overwhelmed by over stuffed closets, calendars and to-do lists.

The following CAN be a reality for you:

  • finding what you need when you need it
  • living + working in clutter free surroundings
  • having a calendar (+ life) that reflects what you love

What we can do together

HOME:  I help homeowners turn messy closets, rooms and calendars that scream help! keep out! stay away! into spaces that whisper calm, energized, welcome.

WORK:  And I help small business owners diminish (workspace, calendar and mind) clutter so they can spend more time on the biggest impact stuff – in business and life.

LIFE:  I can absolutely help  you get a room organized from start to finish. And that can be an incredibly freeing thing. But often our overwhelm stems from something a bit deeper.  I get that – literally and figuratively – and can help find more powerful solutions.  In other words… I don’t just organize in a vacuum!


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Organize Your Life FOUNDATION

  • Three 45-min virtual (phone or Skype) sessions
  • We’ll figure out what’s causing the most overwhelm + what changes will make the best impact. Then we’ll create a personalized Organize Your Life action plan.
  • XO: This is a great package – and value – for those needing help sorting through (life) clutter.
  • $249 (SAVE $100)


Organize Your Life PROJECT 

  • 7 hrs of organizing whatever you need – OR – Needs Assessment + 4 hrs
  • XO: In addition to the Needs Assessment, one on one organizing sessions to either tackle one key area – or several smaller ones. Already know what you need? Then you’ll have a full 7 hours of my organizing expertise. Break it up into 2 sessions or we can do a full-day one.
  • $399*   ($550)  (SAVE $150)



  • Organization at work can take what you do to a whole new level. It can help you actually achieve your goals. And make doing more of what you love – on and off the clock – not just a dream, but a reality.
  • Pricing varies based on extent of project
  • Email or set up complimentary call with me to learn more.


Organize Your Life CELEBRITY STYLE Package

  • TEN in-person 2-hour sessions:
  • We’ll do a top to bottom home + life assessment and then create an personalized Organize Your Life action plan. Then we’ll focus on a specific area each week that’ll take you to a whole new (organized!) way of life. It’s like having your very own personal organizer!
  • XO: I’ll be your trusted organizing partner – something that may feel over the top, but bringing order into your life is an investment that can provide 10x’s more value to your life.
  • SPECIAL:  1,299*   SAVE $300


Week 1:  Organize Your Life Assessment

Week 2:  To Do Management System

Week 3:  Home Office

Week 4:  Filing System

Week 5:  Laundry

Week 6:  Master Closet

Week 7:  Child’s Room

Week 8:  Photos & Memorabilia

Week 9:  Kitchen + Meal Planning

Week 10: Work / Life Balance + Maintaining

* payment plans available for these packages

a la carte

Needs Assessment:  $250:  Knowing what’s causing the disorganization – along with understanding your own natural best tendencies (yes, we all have them!) is key in creating sustainable results.

Hourly Organizing Rate:  $75  (3-hr minimum)

the perfect gift!

Beautifully wrapped gift certificates are available. Please email me for more info!


Working with me can give you:

  • clarity you’re missing
  • accountability you need
  • faster, better results you desire

Complimentary Consultation

 Are YOU ready for a more organized life?

If so, I’d love to hear from you. We can start with a FREE 20-minute phone consultation. You can share with me your home, work +/or life organizing challenges, and I’ll let you know ways I may be able to help. And if we feel we’re a good match, we’ll go from there. Email me at angela @ to set up!




“Over the past few years I’ve seen amazing growth in my business but with that growth came a myriad of challenges to keeping my office under control.

I just wanted to thank you again and say hiring you was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. The organizational systems you put in place have finally given me the ability to have an enjoyable working environment. Before I used to dread being in my office, now I just love my space. I can also find virtually anything I’m looking for in a matter of seconds.”

Agnes Lopez, Agnes Lopez Photography

“I was a “fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of person until Angela helped me to identify my goals and organize my time to achieve what was important to me. She helped me separate my ‘must dos’ from my

‘want to dos,’ and assigned times to each category so that I could see how I could spend time more wisely.

Her timesaving tips helped me structure my time on a day to day, week to week and month to month basis,thereby helping me to recognize my priorities and maximize my efforts toward what is most important in my daily living routines. And I have more time to achieve the things  I want to do for myself.

She is very knowledgeable and passionate about effective time management. I feel so much better about myself, knowing what I can accomplish, after working with Angela.

Cheryl Peck, Realtor, Remax Specialist


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