photo source: Tina Fey (left) in American Express Ad; Pinterest (Luisa Armstrong) (right)

Whether your managing your home , your business or both – working smarter will give you better results, faster.

10 Ways to Work Smarter:

1. Create systems with anything you do on a normal basis. While of course you want them to be effective, you also want them to be as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE!
2. Learn how to get into the zone – create ultimate focus.  
3. Keep your surroundings free of clutter. {See pic above: Where would you rather work? Pretend that Tina Fey is NOT in the pic : )

4. Get help if needed. Delegate, or hire someone to do what you can’t – or simply don’t have time for. {If you need my help getting more organized, visit my Work with Me to see if we’re a good match.}

5. Batch tasks, errands, calls, emails.

6. 80 / 20: spend 80% of time on what’ll give you the top 20% value/joy/return.

7. Breaks: take them throughout day. Even if for just 5 minutes.

8. Take care of yourself. When you’re feeling your best, you’re MUCH more able to work your best.  {See Design a LIFE you LOVE resource page for tips}

9. Manage your time {well}. {This does NOT =  jamming in as much as possible into your schedule.}

10. Plan {well}. I share my system in my weekly planning kit: (OPT IN)

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