When EVERY part of life is crazy, RE-DO THIS

Can you look this happy as you cruise?

Can you look this happy as you cruise?  source: Nikoloz Mameishvili

So, where do you even begin when you feel overwhelmed just selecting one area in life to get organized?

HINT:  If you’re a parent with school-age kids, you’re about to spend quite a bit more time here!

(And, if you don’t fall into that have-kids category, don’t feel as if this isn’t worth your read. I’ve been in plenty of “these” that’ve never seen a carseat yet could benefit greatly from what I’m about to share!)

Beginning next week, I’ll spend a minimum of 1 hour a day in here. And plenty of my girlfriends could easily double that in one day.

If you’ve guessed “CAR” then you’re correct! This is a favorite place of mine to get organized when everything is hectic. Why? Because…

  • it’s an easy start-to-finish project
  • it doesn’t require tough decisions (like sorting through sentimental stuff often does)
  • there aren’t hidden to-do’s (or should-have-been-done’s) jumping out at every other click (emails!)
  • maintaining is pretty easy

In just three hours, YOU can have a quite stunning transformation in at least one part of your life. Are you ready?  Let’s crank it up!

What you’ll need:

  • Trash bag(S)
  • Containers (like paper bags or empty bins – 1 for each family member + a few extra)
  • Car washing supplies (or access to a carwash)

Kid-friendly:  This can be a great project for kids to be a part of: ownership in the soon-to-be sparkling results can go far!


  • Remove EVERYTHING from the car, trunk, console, under seats.
  • Sort as you do it:  trash, return for each family member/room, back into car. We’ll break this down in a few.
  • Except for back-in-car pile, return items to proper places – or at least proper rooms. Don’t get side-tracked though! You’ll want to keep all of this within that 1-hour time frame.


  • Thoroughly wash / clean / vacuum car. (Treat yourself to the detailed / deluxe wash this time if you’re outsourcing.)


Before tossing “back-in-car” pile back in car, take a look at your clutter-free, like new car and ask yourself, “What’ll work best for us?”

EASY ACCESS (ME): In MY console, I have handy:

  • mini office bag: pen, mechanical pencils, paper, paper clips, scissors, colored pens, Sharpee
  • lint brush, hand lotion, gum, stain stick, mini-sunscreen, fingernail file, neutral polish, baby wipes (even though my babies are no longer babies – my youngest moving into double digits tomorrow 🙁 – I’ll forever have this incredibly useful item in my car!)
  • registration (etc – see post at bottom for more info)

EASY ACCESS (KIDS): Surely I’m not the only one hearing – “Oh no, I forgot to do this. I need something to write on QUICK!!!” – as we head to school.

  • clipboard + paper (1 for each in back of seat pocket)
  • mechanical pencils (dull / broken pencils are equivalent to wire hangers to me!)
  • place for trash (I have a washable bag that hangs on back of passenger seat – we all can access it and it’s black which blends into interior. When emptying every week, I’m always amazed at how much it’s held!)

TRUNK:  CONTAINERS: super helpful for CONTAINING that week’s

  • errands + activities


A common organizing frustration is when you’ve invested the time and energy into making it look great, then before you know it you’re back to that pre-organized mess. Maintenance is HUGE. And the good news is maintaining your newly organized car isn’t that difficult.  It’s about creating the habit of:

  • removing stuff when you get home (*** have your kids do the same, and get them to go back out to do if they forget!***)
  • cleaning weekly if possible (As a carwash member, I’ll take mine through drive-thru. Best $30 I spend each month… one of my favorite cheap thrills.)


So there you go! My recommendation for getting ON TOP of at least one area in your life.

Now if someone could create a soundproof barrier between front and back seat for those I’m actually looking forward to them heading off to college days … THAT would be ideal!

Happy cruising…





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