Ten ways I pull it all together

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared my three Organize Your Life concepts that, if you follow, can:

  • make your SURROUNDINGS more calming, inviting and beautiful, and
  • make YOU happier, more productive and present.

Here’s a recap:

Concept 1: HOME. For Everything. This one covers your surroundings. At home. In your workspace. Even your virtual. Know exactly where to find (and put away) what.

Concept 2: Do WHAT you need to do, WHEN you need to do it. This one is all about work. Getting stuff done. Getting the RIGHT stuff done. Getting the RIGHT stuff done in the SMARTEST way.

Concept 3:  Surround yourself with what you LOVE.  Use this as your filter for everything. What you bring into your home, workspace … even calendar. How you spend your time.  Who you spend it with.

While these are fairly simple concepts to grasp, I know that the thought of actually putting them into play can be overwhelming.

So let me overwhelm you even more!!  (NOTE:  I had to insert that sentence because reading the draft blog post made me think – that’s probably what you are thinking!  Keep reading til the end though….*** )  

So today, I’ll share ten ways to make these concepts (and practically anything else you truly want) stick:

  1. Build habits:  THE key to making lasting change.
  2. Be accountable:  It’ll at least double your chance for success.
  3. Have a vision:  For your next project, your next holiday, your next five years.
  4. Take those little steps:  They add up.
  5. Forget perfection. Not only can it slow you down, it can paralyze.
  6. Create systems: These free your energy up while making your results consistently better.
  7. Streamline: From your systems to your stuff.
  8. Plan:  Routinely step back from your day, week, month, year and do this.
  9. Prioritize:  When you have a vision, prioritizing is easier. And it makes planning that much more effective.
  10. Get clear on WHY you’re doing it. Bringing order into your life can make your home look better, you feel better, your business run better. It can save you money and invaluable time. Keep the “why” front and center.

And one final note:  Those three little words in the very first sentence of this post – IF YOU USE – are crucial.  It’s easy to read about and buy into a good idea. (Trust me, I know!)  Taking action is the hard part. But it’s a necessity for change. 

*** Overwhelmed? Remember to keep in mind #’s 4 & 5. And if want me to be a more intimate part of your Organize Your Life journey, keep an eye out for my next message to you!


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