Remember that vacation? Here’s an easy, fun, stylish way

Last week I took a blog break while on spring break. All of that anticipation for a fun time away… then you’re back into the normal swing of things. That vacay feel has completely vacated. And the memories? Within a few weeks, I’ll find myself asking, “Where did we go again for spring break?”

Here is a fun, easy, inexpensive and stylish {great combo!} idea to help you remember not only where you went but the best parts about it:

Use postcards to preserve those vacation memories {photo credit: eperales}

POSTCARDS!  This is why I love:

EASY:  When on vacation, postcards are everywhere. Even if you’re vacationing at home {sometimes the best way to do it : ), you can create your own postcard by using a favorite snapshot with a peel and stick make-your-own.

FUN: Take a few minutes when back home to reminisce … on the back of the card, you can write down:

  • everyone’s favorite part of trip
  • your itinerary
  • where you ate {this is a big part of our trips!}
  • what made you laugh the most
  • whatever floats your boat!

INEXPENSIVE:  25 cents for most – can’t beat that {for that price, each family member can choose his or her own!}

STYLISH:  make part of your decor by posting on a designated travel wall, keeping in a beautiful album … OR putting in a container you LOVE.

This way, all of these fabulous memories will be right at your fingertips when you need to go back {…in your mind. That’s the best part of good memories!}

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