My ultimate (life) organizing tool

Good Morning CoffeeAs I have my last sips of coffee before getting on the road to go back home (Hurricane Matthew evacuee), I’m reflecting on what I find to be my ultimate organizing tool.  This simple yet powerful way of organizing helps you pinpoint the clutter in your life, and identify the things (people, experiences, “stuff” – for lack of a better word) that are weighing you down.
This exercise has become the most influential part of how I’ve organized my (definitely not perfect but more and more true to the real me) life.
Here’s how I do it:
Get a piece of paper & pen, and list:
  1.  What you LOVE (what’s making you happy, what’s going right in your life – from the super simple stuff to the big things)
  2. What DRIVES YOU CRAZY (from people and situations to a cluttered room or habit that’s bringing you down)
In my next post, I’ll share some of what I wrote and then how I use this exercise to make changes.
And I’d love to hear from you. What’s on your list?  What kind of “clutter” do you want to eliminate from your life? Send me a message on Facebook, leave a comment or email me. (And if my email doesn’t work – let me know … tech issues 🙁 – that’s one thing on my list!)
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