Kitchen Organizers: Here are a few of my favorites

Before we move to the next room… here are a few of my favorite kitchen organizers:

LOVE these!  Makes veggies so easy to find in the fridge:


veggie keepers: Keeps vegetables lasting longer + makes them easy to find (under $5 at Publix - & sometimes they'll have these on "special")


My friend, Leigh, had something similar to this in her kitchen cabinet. Target and K-Mart also have… this has saved me MUCH frustration! {I used to dread opening the door to where my baking pans were kept.}


Bakeware Holder: this one is from the Container Store ($19.99); also another less expensive one on their site


And something else that’s made me happy in my kitchen: a utensil holder for my most popular {and bulky} cooking utensils.  Easy to get to AND put away… and now my utensil drawer doesn’t jam when I try to open it.


Utensil Holder: this one is from Willow House ($39.96)


Canisters for keeping things such as flour, sugar… the square / rectangle ones make better use of space {vs. round ones}.


These canisters are from Container Store (prices vary depending on size) but you can find them almost anywhere


And now for a few things I NEED…

Fridge organizers: love - need - these! (from Container Store - prices vary)

Plastic bag holder (I am trying to cut down on these but do use or recycle the ones I do end up with); also from Container Store - currently on sale for $9.99


Oh, and one more wonderful de-clutter-er for the kitchen {and for that matter, every room in the house} – CABINETS!  {Thank you, Theresa, for sharing your favorite kitchen organizer on my FB page : )  It does make such a difference to have most things off of counters / table – and in it’s specific home – behind closed doors!!

There’s such a difference when you walk into a clean, clear space vs. one that’s cluttered. I still have clutter that’ll build up when things get a little crazy. But now that I’ve made a point to have a specific place for each thing, it’s made all the difference in the world getting things back on track {when your back from vacation, finished with an intense week, over feeling under… whatever the reason}. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by “stuff” just be patient and make a changes a bit at a time!

Next up… your “first impression” room…

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