Get your kids (or yourself!) to do stuff using this simple tool

Earth Friendly + Kid Friendly + $ Friendly + YOU Friendlymini clipboards I set up for my kids – and my sanity!

Need an easy way to get your kids (spouse, partner, self!) to get stuff done? This is what has worked best for me – and today (Happy Earth Day!) I’ve made it a bit more green. I love this simple to-do-list-on-a-clipboard for lots of reasons:

Kid Friendly:  My kids are more apt to actually do things that have been written down for them, and the clipboard makes the list easier to carry around. And like us adults, they find it rewarding to check off a task when completed. Best of all (according to them), they don’t have to hear my “nagging voice” nearly as much.

TIPS:  Make it a little more fun by using colors. Also, I like to include a “thank you” – even though it’s really their responsibility as a family member!

Earth Friendly:  I’ve just started using the back of recycled paper for things like this.

TIP: Keep a small recycling container / basket in the place you go though paper. For me, it’s my home office which is on the opposite side of the recycling bin in kitchen. Now that I have a designated place to toss paper, I’m throwing away a lot less.

$-Friendly: The total price of this organizing system:  $1!  The clipboards are from Target’s dollar bin and the paper is free (recycled).

YOU-Friendly:  Simply handing my kids the clipboard (vs. having to say it, then say it again, and again, and again – in that nagging voice of mine) is the most rewarding part.

If you have kids, how do YOU get them to do stuff? I’m always open to suggestions!


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