Do cords drive you crazy too? 4 simple solutions to your cord chaos

If cords make you want to take it and strangle something, this is for you.  Here are four ways cords have driven me cord crazy over the years, along with what’s helped me tame the cord chaos:

Cord Calamity #1:  Which cord goes with what?!

Simple Solution:  I finally wised up and started labeling cords when they first come through the door. I’ll either use my label maker or washi tape (more about this great find in #2, below) but you can use masking tape and a sharpie or purchase a product specifically made for organizing cords.

Photo Source: Crazy Organized

Photo Source: Crazy Organized

For existing cords:

  • Gather all the cords so you have in one place.
  • Label those you recognize.
  • Designate a holding place for those you don’t.  If these aren’t matched up within a certain time period, you may want to just toss. TIP: Before tossing, do a run through of items that use cords in your house. Match each up then you can safely toss the rest.

Cord Calamity #2:  My charger disappeared (i.e., was taken) AGAIN.

Simple Solution:  If multiple people under one roof use the same type of charger, consider multiple labeling: color-coding in addition to labeling.

At my house we each have a different color that represents our cords so you can tell at a quick glance who it belongs to.  Or at least we did. Most of those color-coded cords are long gone so reminder to self: color code today!

And a reminder to YOU: Don’t look at organizing as an all or nothing thing. It’s about small changes and getting back on track when you veer off. Or creating a new track if need be!

TIP:  Washi tape is a great way to label with color. It’s easy to work with and has fun colors to choose from. Each family member can choose their signature color. (You can find at craft stores, Target, etc.)

I love washi tape. Easy to work with and great colors to choose from. (Find at craft stores, Target, etc.). Photo Source: Craft Hubs

Photo Source: Craft Hubs

Cord Calamity #3:  This picture says it all:

Source: Technology Blogged

Source: Technology Blogged

Simple Solution:  Untangle the mess first. Then neatly bundle each cord and tie with a twisty tie or other cord organizer product. I save the better twisties that come from gadgets we’ve purchased. OTHER TIPS:

  • I keep these twisties all in the same place (my office supply cabinet) so I’ll know exactly where to go when I need one.
  • Speaking of knowing exactly where to go when needed, make sure you keep each cord in its best place: Either with or near the product it goes to or batched together with similar cords.
  • I love zip ties but only for seldomly used cords.
  • For bigger items like extension cords, velcro ties work well.
  • MAINTAIN! After using, bundle cord back up and put back in its place.
There are also lots of products you can use to organize cords including Neat Cordz found at Container Store

Neat Cordz found at Container Store

Cord Calamity #4:  I just charged my phone all night yet it’s only at 1%!

When you realize a cord does not work, THROW IT AWAY!  Even better, if you have the receipt (TIP: keep for stuff like this) return or exchange if still under warranty.


For more ideas on how to make cords work (and LOOK!) better, check out my Organize Your TECH STUFF Pinterest Page.

Do you have favorite cord organizer tips or products? If so, I’ll love to hear!


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