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“Luxury, as I see it, is not exclusionary.  I think it used to be defined by a lifestyle that was based on wealth.  But for me, luxury is not something you can buy. It’s about having personal style and living your life based on your individual aesthetic.  It is not about spending money but about having taste and being creative.  Luxury is knowing your taste, developing it over time and understanding how to apply it to every aspect of your life.”

Designer Tory Burch

As told to Town & Country, January 2008  . . . “Tory Burch has made her mark in fashion – by remaking luxury in her own image.” Article by Carrie Karasyov

What I see in this quote:

  • You don’t have to have $ to live with luxury (or you could see it as “$ cannot buy you style!”)
  • Personal style is just that:  PERSONAL.  What appeals aesthetically to YOU?
  • While some may be born with an amazing eye for all things style, those of us wishing to up our style quotient can do just that.  It’s a process of knowing what you love and then creatively infusing it into your life.
  • And there’s much more to style / luxury than clothes.  Tory talked about “applying it to every aspect of your LIFE” (not just wardrobe!)

Where to even begin?. . .  I’ll show you one of the best things that helps me.  (You may be thinking, “No thanks – I don’t even want ‘your’ kind of style’!” And my response is, “Remember it’s a personal thing – not a one size fits all!”  How I’ve upped mine (I was not one born with it – I have pics to prove) will work no matter what appeals to you.

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