Weekly Food Prep 101: what I learned this weekend

The arrival of spring has me determined to step up my clean eating routine. My goal:  Eat clean 90% of the time. The two biggest challenges I struggle with: Having healthy (and good) snacks and meals ready to go when running out the door in the morning, and Knowing what we’re having that evening before the sun goes down. And if it’s prepped, even better. As […]

Do cords drive you crazy too? 4 simple solutions to your cord chaos

If cords make you want to take it and strangle something, this is for you.  Here are four ways cords have driven me cord crazy over the years, along with what’s helped me tame the cord chaos: Cord Calamity #1:  Which cord goes with what?! Simple Solution:  I finally wised up and started labeling cords when they […]

This simple + powerful organizing principle: Are you doing it?

Things can get crazy. Regardless of how “on top” of things you are – little things (an unexpected twist in your schedule) and big things (an unexpected – OR expected – twist in life) can put you into a tailspin. As I shared in my last post, it’s been a crazy year for me. One of […]

Make your home OR office workspace smarter + more stylish: Here’s how

Less stress + better results at work?  Priceless.  The best way to get this is arguably organizing the way you work and where you work. While I’ll throw in a few “get organized” tips, the main focus today will be on the STYLE factor. Even if you don’t have an outside job I believe we all need a […]

My sister’s style tips/home tour + my FIX results!

My heart skipped a beat … The anticipated moment was finally here. My fix had arrived. WHAT WOULD BE IN THIS BOX??? QUICK RECAP: My stylish, big hearted sister kept saying, “You’ve got to check out Stitch Fix!” (SF = www.StitchFix.com: a virtual shopping experience where a personal stylist handpicks items just for you.) Finally, I set […]

Quick Fixes I Love

Quickies can be quite exciting … and these quick fixes were just that. What can I say… I get off on an organized environment! Do you crave more order? If so, I’m offering something that may be just the solution you need. But first, check out these quick and easy fixes that I found… or […]