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How did my cleanse go? The good and the bad…

So… how did my cleanse go?  These emojis sums it up: Overall, it’s been good. What I wanted at the end was to eat really clean 90% of time, coming up with good strategies for getting there and maintaining it. And that’s about where I’m at. The not so great parts: Not drinking nearly enough water […]

Does your home have good vibes? 4 ways to bring them in

Don’t you love those good vibes you feel around certain people? They have that sparkle. A certain je ne sais quoi. It’s the same way with homes. I love that amazing feeling you get when you walk in to a good vibe one. Interesting how, just like people, it’s not all about looks. You can walk into […]

My 3rd (& favorite!) Organize Your Life Concept

This ONE thing can be game changing. Life changing. It’s the final piece of what’s become my Organize Your Life trifecta. To recap: Concept 1:  HOME.  For Everything.  This one covers your surroundings. At home. In your workspace. Even your virtual. Concept 2:  Do WHAT you need to do, WHEN you need to do it. And this is […]

Make your home OR office workspace smarter + more stylish: Here’s how

Less stress + better results at work?  Priceless.  The best way to get this is arguably organizing the way you work and where you work. While I’ll throw in a few “get organized” tips, the main focus today will be on the STYLE factor. Even if you don’t have an outside job I believe we all need a […]

My sister’s style tips/home tour + my FIX results!

My heart skipped a beat … The anticipated moment was finally here. My fix had arrived. WHAT WOULD BE IN THIS BOX??? QUICK RECAP: My stylish, big hearted sister kept saying, “You’ve got to check out Stitch Fix!” (SF = a virtual shopping experience where a personal stylist handpicks items just for you.) Finally, I set […]

Discover your style: Fabulous (FASHION) find

If you’re like me, you get quite a thrill finding that perfect something to wear. You may also (like me) find searching for that perfect piece can take the thrill right out of it. This Fabulous* (FASHION) Find may be a near perfect solution for those of us wanting the style but just don’t have the time, energy […]