This ONE thing will change the way you travel

Rolling vs. folding. Packing shoes first vs. last. There are tons of tips on packing smart. No matter which you follow, this ONE thing guarantees a smoother trip: I learned the value of this after two back-to-back travels: Trip #1:  LA Itinerary:  From West Holywood’s Soho House (dream) to an intimate holiday brunch at one of THE (not a) Friends‘ […]

Organize a life you love: this simple exercise changed mine

What do I love? What drives me $#@#-ing crazy? Answering these two questions – and even better, USING the answers to make changes – are powerful in designing (organizing) a life you (most of the time!) love. In my last post, I said I’d share some of mine so here are a few: (MY) LOVES: beach time feeling on top of […]

My ultimate (life) organizing tool

As I have my last sips of coffee before getting on the road to go back home (Hurricane Matthew evacuee), I’m reflecting on what I find to be my ultimate organizing tool.  This simple yet powerful way of organizing helps you pinpoint the clutter in your life, and identify the things (people, experiences, “stuff” – […]

My 2nd Organizing Principle: This is BIG! Overwhelmed? this WILL help!

While a messy environment can be quite a turnoff, what can literally turn you off  (as in shut you down) is what Organize Your Life principle #2 helps. Before the big reveal, see if you can relate to one of the following: Staying awake at night running through the things you’ve got to do – and the things you’re […]

my 1st video! Do THIS for a guaranteed smoother week

Finally!  Here’s the video I promised in my last post. Funny how what I talked about last time (watch out for this potentially devastating kind of clutter) totally relates to me getting this darn thing out. I had to heed my own advice: forget perfection, get over the fear. (Watching yourself on video is not […]

Watch out for THIS type of (potentially devastating) CLUTTER

Clutter!  Unorganized! When you see these words, what comes to mind?  A messy room, piles of paper, disheveled closets and drawers? Being organized – or not – applies to physical clutter for sure. Another type of clutter:  the “what’s not getting done” clutter. Those actions to take that aren’t being taken can create a tremendous amount of […]