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Do cords drive you crazy too? 4 simple solutions to your cord chaos

If cords make you want to take it and strangle something, this is for you.  Here are four ways cords have driven me cord crazy over the years, along with what’s helped me tame the cord chaos: Cord Calamity #1:  Which cord goes with what?! Simple Solution:  I finally wised up and started labeling cords when they […]

Organize a life you love: this simple exercise changed mine

What do I love? What drives me $#@#-ing crazy? Answering these two questions – and even better, USING the answers to make changes – are powerful in designing (organizing) a life you (most of the time!) love. In my last post, I said I’d share some of mine so here are a few: (MY) LOVES: beach time feeling on top of […]

Does your home have good vibes? 4 ways to bring them in

Don’t you love those good vibes you feel around certain people? They have that sparkle. A certain je ne sais quoi. It’s the same way with homes. I love that amazing feeling you get when you walk in to a good vibe one. Interesting how, just like people, it’s not all about looks. You can walk into […]

Ten ways I pull it all together

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared my three Organize Your Life concepts that, if you follow, can: make your SURROUNDINGS more calming, inviting and beautiful, and make YOU happier, more productive and present. Here’s a recap: Concept 1: HOME. For Everything. This one covers your surroundings. At home. In your workspace. Even your virtual. Know exactly […]

My 3rd (& favorite!) Organize Your Life Concept

This ONE thing can be game changing. Life changing. It’s the final piece of what’s become my Organize Your Life trifecta. To recap: Concept 1:  HOME.  For Everything.  This one covers your surroundings. At home. In your workspace. Even your virtual. Concept 2:  Do WHAT you need to do, WHEN you need to do it. And this is […]

My 2nd Organizing Principle: This is BIG! Overwhelmed? this WILL help!

While a messy environment can be quite a turnoff, what can literally turn you off  (as in shut you down) is what Organize Your Life principle #2 helps. Before the big reveal, see if you can relate to one of the following: Staying awake at night running through the things you’ve got to do – and the things you’re […]