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Get your kids (or yourself!) to do stuff using this simple tool

Earth Friendly + Kid Friendly + $ Friendly + YOU Friendly = mini clipboards I set up for my kids – and my sanity! Need an easy way to get your kids (spouse, partner, self!) to get stuff done? This is what has worked best for me – and today (Happy Earth Day!) I’ve made it a bit more […]

This simple + powerful organizing principle: Are you doing it?

Things can get crazy. Regardless of how “on top” of things you are – little things (an unexpected twist in your schedule) and big things (an unexpected – OR expected – twist in life) can put you into a tailspin. As I shared in my last post, it’s been a crazy year for me. One of […]

my 1st video! Do THIS for a guaranteed smoother week

Finally!  Here’s the video I promised in my last post. Funny how what I talked about last time (watch out for this potentially devastating kind of clutter) totally relates to me getting this darn thing out. I had to heed my own advice: forget perfection, get over the fear. (Watching yourself on video is not […]

2 things I’m doing now to get Back-to-School ready

August 1st may seem like just another day to many, but for those of us with kids (soon to be back) in school, anxiety is starting to build. Here are a couple of things we’re doing at our house to make the transition a little easier: Back to School Checklist: Each of my kids has […]

5 Fabulous (Organizing Mag) Finds

I should’ve known from the start I was meant to be a professional organizer. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gravitated towards organizing books and magazines. And as a kid LOVED doing organizing makeovers… whether or not they were wanted by the recipients 🙂 A key thing I’ve learned thanks to my organizing training, […]

Worst decision I ever made…

Well maybe not ever. I’ve made bigger ones for sure!  But at the time I was like, “WTHeck was I thinking?!?? It all started mid-summer when we received a flyer from school: My initial reaction:  “Wow, this is great. Instead of having to shop for all of the school supplies,we can just order them. It may […]