Is your HOME your OASIS?

Here’s a good way to know. Ask yourself:

Q: After a long day, how do you feel when you walk in the door? Really, really good?

Q: When back from vacation, do you say, “It feels so good to be home!”

If you answered “yes” – your home is giving good vibes. And that’s good for you AND everyone in your abode. If you’re NOT feeling the love, keep reading…

4 ACTIONS you can do that’ll make your home begin looking AND feeling more fabulous: 

From MY vision book
photo: Annie Schlechter / Viceroy Anguilla


My favorite way to start off any project. Whether for myself or with a client. I’ve always loved collecting images of things that inspire. It’s a great way to figure out your own style patterns – and can provide huge momentum when working towards something. Pineterst is an amazing way to do, but I still have my style album.

These images don’t quite reflect my living space {at least for now} but I’m a big day dreamer and giving up visions is just not an option for me. I have to balance that with the more practical and without a doubt, the most practical way to create more of an oasis like feel in your home is to…


Imagine this beautiful bedroom with papers piled up on the bedside tables, the past week’s worth of wardrobe on the floor. Stuff crammed in the drawers, under the bed. {When clutter is not “visual” it’s still “mental” – you know where it’s hiding.}

Your bedroom is the last place you see when closing your eyes for the night, and the first place to welcome you in the morning. Keeping this space clutter free can do wonders. photo: Annie Schlechter / Viceroy Anguilla


Which BTW is at least two times faster withOUT clutter to work around. Organizing plays a big part in the “keeping” part of this.

Cleanliness is a virtue… and it’s A LOT easier to keep clean when clutter is not around! photo: Annie Schlechter / Viceroy Anguilla


My mantra with home, work, life. {And don’t forget to take into account your kids, pets and guests. We ALL need good love.}  Here’s more on what I do:

Surround yourself with what you love: AT HOME

Home accessories gone wild

 What makes a house a home?

“If we are lucky, our decorating reflects our families, our passions, our collections – our lives. It’s not just how our homes look, but how they work, enhancing our daily routines, offering comfort and sanctuary, and being at the center of our memories.”

Gael Towey {Acting Editor in Chief, from previous edition of Martha Stewart magazine}


Special place of your own

Whether you create an altar of sorts {many do for meditating} or simply a favorite chair, make it your own. And visit daily if you can – even if for five minutes. {And if you have trouble finding five minutes alone, check out my WORK IT SMARTER resource page.}

Cozy, comfy, well stocked {with reading light, favorite pen, journal, book or magazine}, nature {something from nature – a flower in a bud vase, special rock – yes, I have one}, secluded {if at all possible!}.

The most important thing is comfort. I want my home to look good, feel good, and smell good. I want it to be inclusive, to reflect the people who live there.

Cindy Crawford, Redbook September 2009

How does it FEEL?

So often, we are caught up in the way our house LOOKS {and how WE look for that matter}. What I believe is more important than that is:  How it makes you – and those you live with and welcome in – FEEL. Go deeper with the other 4 senses:

TASTE {a few of my recipes}

SOUND {love my music AND quiet}

SMELL {candle, laundry + beauty products, what’s cooking… and simply a clean environment}

TOUCH {from linens + blankets TO hugs + loving – a tiny mention of another BIG aspect of your surroundings… while I do consider myself an organizing expert, I don’t have all of the answers to the people under your roof thing… work in progress…?! But I do feel strongly about WHO you surround yourself with: I share more about that HERE}

Ambiance can take your home love to another level. It’s one of my favorite ways to transform a house into a HOME.

– Angela Harris

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