2 things I’m doing now to get Back-to-School ready

August 1st may seem like just another day to many, but for those of us with kids (soon to be back) in school, anxiety is starting to build.

Here are a couple of things we’re doing at our house to make the transition a little easier:

Back to School Checklist:

Each of my kids has a B-to-S checklist. This one page visual helps them see the whole picture AND the smaller steps.

back to school checklist

Adding color makes more visually appealing to kids and adults!

TIP:  I love these durable clear pockets. It keeps together back up stuff (like the book report guidelines, summer math homework) and can easily be placed in a binder or filed when not in use.

 Ready to Go Clothes: 

After taking an inventory of back to school needs, I put outfit for each day on a hanger – we’ll add socks / shoes to each the night before.

Uniforms make this extra easy, I know. Regardless, pulling together stuff for the week – BEFORE the week starts – is worth the effort.

TIP:  Make this a weekly thing. When we start off our week with outfits ready to go, it always makes the mornings smoother. (smoother mornings = priceless)


Not only do these activities help them – and me – now, they are super beneficial down the road:

  • Checklist = project management!
  • Clothes ready = being prepared!

These little things become valuable habits your kids take with them.

And another bonus:  Getting more organized here and there allows you and your family to enjoy more – and stress less – these last weeks of summer!

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