2 of my favorites: Use NOW for happier holidays!

winter holiday table   source: Apartment Therapy / Pinterest

winter holiday table source: Apartment Therapy / Pinterest

This chilly weather here in Florida is a thrilling (and at the same time – oh no, here we go!) confirmation that the holidays are almost here! Before the season officially begins, I’m sharing a couple of templates I created (and depend on!!!) for holiday sanity.

Organize (Whatever!) at a Glance

Organize (whatever you need) at a Glance template

This template is super simple yet very effective in organizing your thoughts / to-do’s into categories. A few holidays examples include:

  • Daily Countdown: to-do’s for each day leading up to the big day
  • Holiday Dinner or Party:  guests, invitations, errands, house prep, table setting, menu, gifts…
  • Gifts: gift ideas for everyone on your list
  • Stores:  what you need from each

Travel Checklist + Travel Checklist – for KIDS! templates

Before traveling, those don’t forget to do this or pack that things seem to constantly pop into my mind. Once I began writing these to-do’s down, it made travel and prep SOOOO much smoother.


These templates (also found on my FREE STUFF page – download anytime!) will help get that clutter out of your head and onto (one specific piece of!) paper. This gift to yourself will be a big time and money saver and an invaluable stress reliever.

As we head into the holidays, please know how appreciative I am to be a little part of your inbox (life!).

Warmest wishes for a beautiful beginning to the holiday season!

With love and gratitude,

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